Who we are

For healthier generations, cleaner cities, we develop economic and ecological methods.

About Us

Ineva specialized in this subject by using the fluid bed experience had between 2008-2009 with R&D studies carried out with The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey in the field of waste disposal technologies development. By completing all R&D processes in 2014, Ineva has contributed to our country’s economy by achieving a proven track record in disposal and energy recovery without having to dry the treatment sewage sludge. In this sense, the first site in Turkey has a licensed facility for disposal of wastewater.

Ineva with its high technology, continues to produce facilities that can effectively remove sewage sludge, one of the biggest environmental problems, and provide energy recovery. By joining Coşkunöz Holding in 2016 and changing its name, Ineva is moving towards becoming a specialized brand in the field.

Why Ineva?

“Ineva by its own developed technology, builds incineration systems that do not require drying process. Ineva has established the first incineration plant without drying facility in Turkey licensed by the Ministry of Environment of Turkey Republic.”

  • Thermal disposal in a single step → safe discharge emission values
  • The most economic disposal cost
  • High steam efficiency
  • Modular plants
  • Compact design with minimum maintanence
  • After combustion→ evaluable ash
  • Steam energy → turbine → electricity energy

Our Policies

Since the day we carry on a business as Ineva  in our sector ;

  • In all processes, being a reliable and sought-after company within an understanding that fully meets the needs and expectations of the customer,
  • Keeping track of technological developments in order to reduce costs and increase profitability,
  • Cooperating with our suppliers on a trust basis,
  • By producing the most appropriate, most accurate and most economical solutions in the fastest way, it is necessary to avoid the inconveniences that may arise later,
  • Completely complete each project in time, fully compatible with the project with the highest level techniques, within the desired qualities and budget limits,
  • We have adopted a quality policy aiming to contribute to the country’s economy by being a model organization, respectful of the environment we are in, and constantly improving business volume, and in this sense we serve our customers with our CE certified products.

The target of our information security policy is to protect the information assets of the company against internal and external intentional or unintentional threats.

  • Identification of processes and information assets and methodically evaluation of the relevant risks
  • Protection of information from unauthorized access
  • Ensuring information confidentiality
  • Protection of information integrity
  • Ensuring access to information whenever required by business processes
  • Meeting any legal obligations and contractual legal obligations
  • Development and improvement of business continuity plans
  • Providing Information Security trainings to all employees
  • Notification of all Information Security breaches or any suspected breaches to Information Security Board and investigation of them

All our employees including our top managers have the joint responsibility of keeping any possible occupational accident risks and any adverse environmental impacts under control, of continuously improvement of energy efficiency and of creating a healthy and safe work environment.

Our Fundamental Principles for Environment and Occupational Health and Safety:

  • To evaluate relevant applicable legal requirements for Occupational Health and Safety hazards, environmental dimensions, energy use and consumption and to maintain the compliance with these requirements
  • To raise the awareness of all our stakeholders especially our employees and suppliers
  • To provide a healthy and safe work environment for the protection of the health of our employees and the prevention of occupational accidents
  • To keep under control and reduce the amount of waste especially sheet metal and rubber wastes resulting from the production and support activities carried out in our company
  • To use resources in an efficient manner
  • To encourage and support the studies required for the improvement of energy consumption and efficiency in our existing and new processes, machines and equipment
  • To ensure continuous improvement of our Environment, Energy and Occupational Health performance