3rd Energy Efficiency with Cogeneration and Trigeneration Conference

3rd Energy Efficiency with Cogeneration and Trigeneration Conference was held on 08 December 2016 at Sheraton Grand Istanbul Ataşehir Hotel.

In the agenda of the conference to which more than 200 people from different institutions and organizations have participated, as well as holding 1 panel and 10 technical presentations, exchange of high level information on subjects such as ownership costs, increasing efficiency, sustainability, maintenance/repair, project finance was realized with the professionals of institutions and organizations aiming to produce clean and high-quality energy and make energy-saving by that and who use or want to use Cogeneration (CHP) and Trigeneration (CCHP) systems and an unconventional level of practical solutions for strategic, tactical and technical difficulties were offered.        

Speaking at the panel titled “New Horizons in Biomass”, INEVA Sales and Marketing Division Manager Oral Çimsöken said that, “We are a company specialized in the thermal disposal of treatment sludges that are the newest members of biomass and sorted urban wastes. We hold the first on-site treatment sludge disposal license of Turkey.

While expressing that, in case the combustion emission is transformed into energy by using newly developing eco-friendly technologies, it will be a safe and economical energy source with a low negative impact on environment and a short self-renewal cycle, he stated that, “The first reason for setting up thermal disposal facilities for wastes is the creation of renewable energy with the thermal disposal of these harmful but calorific value wastes with the most ecological methods. As the use of the best available technologies provides lower emissions, it meets the most stringent emission limit values among all industry branches where combustion processes are applied. As INEVA, wastes are processed at high temperatures in the energy production process and the harmful substances are safely removed in the ecological cycle. With the energy recovery method we use in our facility, we prevent the use of fossil fuels and the disposal of wastes into the storage areas and also prevent the release of methane. We can also provide 1.5 tons of steam energy per 1 ton of waste disposal during this process. Steam energy can be converted to electrical energy by steam turbines if desired”.