Annual sharing meeting of INEVA Çevre Teknolojileri A.Ş was held

The annual sharing meeting, where INEVA Environment Technologies' 2018 results and 2019 goals were shared, was held at the Divan Bursa Hotel on January 16, 2019, under the leadership of Volkan Akıncı, General Manager of INEVA Environmental Technologies.  

INEVA, which is the sector leader in the field of treatment sludge disposal, made the 2018 evaluation of the group at the Annual Sharing Meeting and announced its targets for 2019. In addition, the development of our treatment sludge disposal technology and the steps taken and planned to be taken in the field of new types of waste were shared with the participants. 

" We will continue to be a reference for the disposal of treatment sludge "
Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Volkan Akıncı said that the main targets are to continue to develop in the field of disposal technologies where the company has the most talents and expertise, and to add new technologies to the facilities, focusing on the disposal of different types of waste and to continue to grow rapidly in these two areas. Akıncı, saying that they will continue to grow by increasing the acceleration in their investments and bringing new facilities to the institutions, stated that: “We are moving rapidly towards becoming a model group that will be exemplary both at home and global level. Our aim is to make beneficial and sustainable works for both our country and society in every activity we perform. With INEVA, we are taking and will continue to take important steps to achieve these goals.”

Aiming to be a world-known brand in the on-site disposal of wastes, INEVA already has 8 facilities it established, and 4 facilities of which construction is ongoing. INEVA, which aims to establish 3 new facilities by the end of 2019, continues to work in this context both in Turkey and abroad.