Industrial Symbiosis Conference and Project Market

“Industrial Symbiosis Conference and Project Market” organized by Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) started with a large and colourful participation at Merinos Congress and Culture Centre. “Industrial Symbiosis Program” supported by The Ministry of Development and Technology Development Foundation of Turkey along with BEBKA aims to bring together the businesses within the framework of a more sustainable and innovative resource use and to provide economic returns by preventing industry-based environmental problems.

In the program pf which the general logic can be summarized as “There is no waste, there are substances that are not put to good use”, in the project market that will be realized synchronously by bringing together all stakeholders of the subject such as researchers, entrepreneurs and industrialists who support ‘sustainable production’ approach, carry out R&D activities, develop new products and processes and wish to transfer their studies to industry, projects were presented with poster presentations on topics such as waste management and waste evaluation, resource management and pollution prevention, energy management and information, communication and management systems.
INEVA has taken its place among the best practices of the region with its Energy Recovery with the On-Site and Direct Disposal of Treatment Sludge project selected from 56 project applications in the Industrial Symbiosis Project Market which is a first in the region. Speaking at the session, INEVA Sales and Marketing Division Manager Oral Çimsöken stated that, “With our facilities that we produce within the framework of industrial symbiosis, a more sustainable and innovative resource utilization approach, we provide benefits such as recovery of waste and by-products to enterprises, reduction in resource use and environmental emissions, and efficient use of raw materials and energy.

By combining ‘Thermal Disposal’ technology we have developed with Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) with all industrial processes that are in relation with each other among industrial and ecological systems both in terms of economy and in terms of using each other’s products and wastes, we provide economic return with our systems that prevent both environmental problems and generate energy from waste. We aim to be the most preferred company in waste disposal technologies by increasing the number of our facilities that we produce with the philosophy of technology adding value to the waste domestically and abroad rapidly.”