INEVA has participated in the 2nd Russian Water Congress

Standing out for its innovative applications in the field of treatment sludge disposal, INEVA Çevre Teknolojileri, participated in the 2nd Russian Water Congress held in Moscow City Government Building Complex between June 5-7 and of which the second was held this year.
In the congress hosting the government of the Russian Federation, the relevant ministries, the secondary institutions, the competent authorities and governors, the development and public institutions, the business and academic leaders and held annually, all water industry topics were addressed including  “Russia's competitiveness due to the fact that it has the largest water resources of the global water resources, extensive prospecting of the Russian water industry and the demand for all water management aspects, advanced technologies, management and financial models in the light of current environmental issues” processes. 

The congress supported by Deputy Prime Minister for Environmental Services, Ecology and Transport of the Russian Federation Sergei Ivanov and Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Khloponin, provided with a comprehensive overview of the strategies to achieve global technical leadership in the use of Russian Federation water resources and the entry into the new global water market. Participants were provided with the opportunity to assess current and future water management strategies, find global partners for possible future collaborations by meeting face to face.
INEVA Sales and Marketing Division Manager Oral Çimsöken, in the speech he made at the conference, quoted that: “Global warming and depletion of world resources lead humanity towards a crossroads. In this context, the emergence of a new system based on raw material, resource and renewable energy use has become a necessity. According to the Best Available Techniques Reference Document on Waste Incineration (BAT - BREF) of the European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Bureau, as INEVA, we use the fluidized bed technology as an innovative approach open to development as a process. We dispose of the treatment sludge, which has become a very important problem for the world and use it as a renewable energy source and thus we realize electricity production. According to the Environmental Legislation, our process monitored 7/24 by Ministry of Continuous Emission Measurement System works with the principle of precaution that minimizes the effects of climate change, global warming and the effects causing a change in the circulation systems in the oceans. These emissions are well below the European Union Emission Values.’’

Stating that 2017 was the year for INEVA to focus on structuring and new projects, Oral Chimsoken said, “Our company, which was established in 2004, develops projects for thermal use and energy recovery systems, which is our area of ​​expertise, with Research and Development. Development promise : "Expertise to protect the environment, technology that adds value to waste." We work with a vision. We hope that we will continue to grow and offer new opportunities to institutions with this vision in 2018 as well.”