INEVA solutions got full marks in BULAQUA 2017

INEVA Çevre Teknolojileri, which has come to the forefront with its innovative technologies in the field of treatment sludge disposal, met with the participants at the 9th International BULAQUA 2017 conference held in Bulgaria Inter Expo Centre on April 4.  INEVA undertook the main sponsorship at the conference, where topics such as circular economy, innovative technology, energy efficiency in the sector, modern technologies for wastewater treatment and treatment sludge, and economic use of water resources were covered.

INEVA, which uses the wastes that are harmful to the environment and need to be disposed as a valuable energy source in its own technology, aims at a sustainable change by creating a substance and energy cycle with this system. In addition, the model of facility, where electricity generation can be realized by using the waste as a renewable energy source within the scope of biomass, was presented to the participants. 

In his speech at the conference, INEVA General Manager Onur Taş quoted: “Climate change and depletion of world resources lead humanity towards a crossroads on the limits of the planet. In this context, the emergence of a new economic system based on raw material, resource and renewable energy use has become a necessity. At this point, the necessity of “Circular Economy” cannot be argued. Because this economy supports sustainable growth. For this new systematic of production, one of the most important elements of sustainable production is the waste management on the way to low carbon economy. There is a value that waste creates as raw material. Raw material imports decrease if waste is included in the production and economy and transformed into products. In this way, the waste which is almost ignored is transformed into  value. To achieve recycling and recovery in accordance with the waste management hierarchy is unarguably important and meaningful for our world and our country.

If we explain INEVA's contribution to the circular economy; As INEVA, we process waste at high temperatures and safely remove harmful substances in the ecological cycle. With the energy recovery method we use in our facility, we prevent the use of fossil fuels and the disposal of wastes into the storage areas and also prevent the release of methane. We can also provide 1.5 tons of steam energy per 1 ton of waste disposal during this process. While direct use of this steam energy is possible, turbines can be added to transform it into electrical energy if desired.”
In one on one interviews with Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Head of European Funds Malina Krumova, Minister of Environment and Water Irina Kostova and Minister of Economy Teodor Sedlarski, at the point where Bulgaria needs waste disposal solutions, stating that INEVA solutions, which are totally domestic technology, attracted great attention, Onur Taş said that, “INEVA has a total of 6 facilities installed within three years. Thanks to these facilities, we have disposed of a total of 125 thousand tons of sludge. Our goal is to establish 5 new facilities by the end of 2017 and create the possibility of 600 tons / day sludge disposal in total. Thus, 900 tons / day steam can be obtained.” Taş, adding that except for the facilities they have installed and commissioned so far; they have won two tenders opened by Kocaeli Water and Sewerage Works (ISU), said that, “We have started the installation of the machines, which can produce energy by disposing of all the urban treatment sludge of an entire city for the first time in Turkey, we have produced in Kocaeli ISU facilities. This year, we will start waste disposal and energy production at the facility.”