INEVA was the sponsor for the 12th National Enviromental Engineering Congress

12th National Environmental Engineering Congress sponsored by INEVA Çevre Teknolojileri Company, was held in METU on 5-7 October under the cooperation of The Chamber of Environmental Engineers (ÇMO) affiliated to the Union of Turkish Chambers of Architects and Engineers (TMMOB) and the Environmental Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University (METU).

TÜBİTAK, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs and the Municipality of Çankaya are among the supporters of the scientific congress organized in different cities every two years since 1992 with the aim of sharing and discussing comprehensively the works produced in the environmental engineering profession and the field of environment. 

In the Congress, issues such as “Environmental Management, Environmental Engineering, Information Technology, Environment and Energy, Natural Resource Management, Environmental and Engineering Ethics, Environmental Economics, Environmental Law, Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management, Noise and Noise Management, Preventive Environmental Management, Climate Change” were discussed.
Emin Calbay, Environmental Engineer at INEVA Çevre Teknolojileri company, also spoken at the congress and quoted that: “As INEVA, we have exhibited the study titled ‘Evaluation of Different Sludge Incineration Methods with SWOT Application’ we conduct in METU Environmental Engineering Department at the conference named SludgeTech 2017 organized in Imperial College and where world-known sludge experts and academicians have participated. We have determined that the most advantageous scenario under the criteria of economic and environmental factors is the ‘Single sludge incinerating’ method. We are transforming 600 tons / day sludge, which is already disposed of our 6 plants already built using this scenario, into steam and electrical energy. In addition to this, we will dispose of the 1,100 tons of sludge per day with our new facilities that will be operational in 2018 and will transform waste into value in accordance with the waste management hierarchy.”

Regarding the congress where Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs Prof. Dr. Cumali Kınacı also participated, Chairman of ÇMO Baran Bozoğlu has made his comments. Indicating that environmental technology and environmental science provide great opportunities to establish the right to live in healthy environment, Bozoğlu said that; “Turkey should produce its own environmental technologies. This congress will be an important area to contribute to the development of environmental technology”.