As Ineva Environmental Technologies, we are constantly proactive in improving our company’s operations and protecting the competitive edge of the market. In industrial production, we give importance to ensure optimum value added by all related departments to communicate with each other so that all data can be accessed in real time.

By adopting the technology principle that adds value to the waste, make the facilities we produce and the services we provide more useful, better quality and more efficient; We are aware of the changing needs of our customers, R&D power and industry 4.0 actions.


“Customer expectations” lies at the core of our R&D works. We analyze the needs of our customers together on-site and aim to provide maximum added value for products and relevant processes.The most distinguishing feature of our R&D activities is the realization of business processes with quality above expectations and in the fastest way. We produce proactive and sustainable business results within the frame of our holding ‘s “Respect for past, present and future” value.

We cooperate with customers, suppliers, institutes and universities at national and international level; using our competence for researching new generation material, developing and testing new production technologies, design-analysis, simulation, test and prototype processes, we also improve ourselves in this direction.