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About Us

Ineva specialized in this subject by using the fluid bed experience had between 2008-2009 with R&D studies carried out with The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey in the field of waste disposal technologies development. By completing all R&D processes in 2014, Ineva has contributed to our country’s economy by achieving a proven track record in disposal and energy recovery without having to dry the treatment sewage sludge. In this sense, the first site in Turkey has a licensed facility for disposal of wastewater.
Ineva with its high technology, continues to produce facilities that can effectively remove sewage sludge, one of the biggest environmental problems, and provide energy recovery.

Why Ineva?

“Ineva by its own developed technology, builds incineration systems that do not require drying process. Ineva has established the first incineration plant without drying facility in Turkey licensed by the Ministry of Environment of Turkey Republic.”

  • Thermal disposal in a single step → safe discharge emission values
  • The most economic disposal cost
  • High steam efficiency
  • Modular plants
  • Compact design with minimum maintanence
  • After combustion→ evaluable ash
  • Steam energy → turbine → electricity energy

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