INEVA has completed the construction of sludge disposal facility in Başiskele Kullar

Using the wastes that are harmful to the environment and need to be disposed as a valuable energy source in its technology, INEVA completed the construction of the plant to obtain electricity from the treatment sludge from “Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants” in Başiskele Kullar operated by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (İSU). INEVA plans to commission the plant in the second quarter of the year, so that 95 tons of sludge will be thermally treated and disposed of with high efficiency. In the facility, the renewable energy will be produced from 960 kWh of steam energy per hour.

INEVA Çevre Teknolojileri AŞ General Manager Onur Taş, emphasizing that INEVA is the first fully domestic organization that realizes thermal processing with 100% Turkish technology, passed his opinions on the facility that will start operating as follows: “In the current system, the sludge was incinerated in cement plants. This brought a huge financial burden on ISU. Thanks to the facilities that we will build, ISU will dispose of the sludge by fulfilling all environmental criteria without any need for drying and at the same time obtain electricity. We will save energy by using the electricity produced in our facilities in Kocaeli as renewable energy. In this context, in addition to preventing the annual emission of 10 thousand tons of CO2, the duty performed by approximately 2 hectares of forest to prevent CO2 emissions will be undertaken by the facility we will establish.”