ULUÇEK 2018 was held under the sponsorship of INEVA

Standing out for its innovative applications in the field of treatment sludge disposal, INEVA Çevre Teknolojileri, has undertaken the sponsorship of the Uludağ University Student Environmental Congress (ULUÇEK 2018) held at Uludağ University Prof. Dr. Mete Cengiz Cultural Centre on March 30-31. In ULUÇEK 2018 where students from various universities of Turkey and environmental volunteers were hosted, titles of “treatment sludge, clean energy, climate change, ecological balance, sustainable environment” were addressed. The participants of the congress were presented with a plaque at the end of the program.

INEVA, which can realize electrical energy production by using the waste under biomass as a renewable energy source, has presented in the congress the model of the facility that will obtain electrical energy from sludges from ‘Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Facilities’ in Gebze and Başiskele Kullar operated by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (ISU) to the attention of the participants. 

Speaking at the conference, INEVA Sales and Marketing Division Manager Oral Çimsöken quoted that: “Climate change and depletion of world resources lead humanity towards a crossroads on the limits of the planet. In this context, the emergence of a new economic system based on raw material, resource and renewable energy use has become a necessity. As INEVA, at this point, we are working without losing speed with the best available technology for the disposal of treatment sludge, which has become a very important problem for the world. Thanks to our already established facilities throughout 2017, we have eliminated 110 thousand tons of sludge and in fact made a significant problem solvable. With energy recovery, we are increasing energy efficiency with sustainable technologies and high-performance materials.”

Oral Çimsöken stated that 2017 was the year of structuring and new projects for INEVA: He conducts R&D studies and says, “Expertise dedicated to the environment, technology that adds value to waste.” We work with the vision. We foresee that we will continue to grow and bring new facilities to institutions with this vision in 2018 as well.”